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Am I in or out?

Scot Albert Consultant
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Sorry gang. Had surgery earlier last month. Hope to return by August 22, 2017.

THAT was a close one!

May 23, 2017
This is a link to a demo of how I utilize Angel cards.
I hope it does something positve for you.

April 29, 2017
I now have my ooVoo account back online.
My call sign is scothypnotist.
I look forward to chatting with you in the future.

Care to share your tattoo story?

Tarot Readings

Very simply, I spread the cards and tell you what my intuition says.
If you are looking for fluff or pie in the sky, I am not the tarot reader for you!
What I will do is help you closely examine the things that concern you.
Go ahead and give me a call at 530-848-8262
BTW, in the event you opt to phone me,
I am happy to return calls to those who
are kind enough to leave me a voice mail
with their phone number!

Updated: March 16, 2017
Welcome to the website(s) of Scot Albert Consultant.
Folks, I am still on the bench.
I am going to be laid up for a while longer.
You can phone me if you like,
I'm about ready to start doing sessions again.
In the meawhile all my sites are being rebuilt.
You can email me at
You can also phone me at 530-848-8262.
Please be sure to leave your name and phone number.
As for postal mail channels,
My mailing address is:
Scot Albert
PO BOX 8732
Woodland, CA 95776-8732

Ever wondered how to build your own didgeridoo?

I offer the following services:
Emotional Freedom Technique Hypnosis Reiki Unique Tarot Card Readings
ATTENTION: If you have been trying to reach me by phone,
you MUST leave a message.
I do NOT return calls to folks that call and hang up.

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I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
ALL sessions for EFT, Hypnosis, Reiki and Tarot readings are recorded!
The services provided from this website are in no way, shape or form guaranteed.
The use of these services is at your own risk.
Must be 18 years of age to use said services.

Scot Albert Consultant
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